The Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Board of Directors have both unanimously approved adding a new area of focus: supporting the environment. For more read here.

Learning plans are groups of courses and resources that help incoming leaders prepare for their roles. They’re also timesavers: With learning plans, learners don’t have to spend time searching for the courses they need.

Explore the plans available in the Learning Center. Select FILTERS, then Learning Plan.

Featured courses
Check out the newest courses in the Learning Center:

    Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Learn more about Rotary’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, including what it means and how you can use it to create positive experiences.
    District Committee Basics
    Get training for your role as a district committee chair. These courses are relevant to any district committee.

Continue to promote these resources:

    Grant Management Seminar
    This learning plan includes courses that can replace in-person training. Consider requiring members to take the courses, then following up with a webinar to answer their questions and discuss any district-specific requirements.
    Mentoring Basics
    Learn about the role, responsibilities, and benefits of being a mentor to an adult professional.

Training tip

Get tips for adapting in-person training to online learning. Visit the District Trainer Best Practices learning topic and look for the Offering Training Online document. We invite you to participate in the discussion and share your resources and tips for district training events.
You can also visit the Meeting Online learning topic to find and share resources, join discussions, and ask for expert advice about creating online meeting spaces.

We know that disasters can devastate a community, leaving people in urgent need of medical care, housing, and other necessities. Unlike most natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a global impact that affects all of us. Rotarians like you are people of action even in a time of crisis, and Rotary is uniquely prepared to help communities around the world. 

Clubs and districts can apply for Rotary disaster response grants to support COVID-19 relief efforts. These grants can be used to provide supplies and medical care and to support rebuilding efforts. 

The Rotary Foundation Trustees recently approved placing $1 million in our Disaster Response Fund to make these grants immediately available for applications related to COVID-19. To make sure these grants can remain available, we’re asking for personal contributions to the Disaster Response Fund. Your contribution will support grants that help Rotarians care for and protect people in their local communities and around the world. Make a gift to the Disaster Response Fund now.

Thank you for your dedication and service on behalf of Rotary.