Kgabo Ralebepa was inducted as the 5th President of the Rotary E Club of SA D9400 at a luncheon held in Midrand on Saturday 6 July 2019.
The event was attended by the South Africa Military Intelligence Veterans Association (SAVIMA),   Rotarians, family and friends.  Three new members were also inducted and welcomed into the club.

Kgabo was introduced to the Club by outgoing President PDG Shirley Downie, and in her opening address to the Club said that “I am deeply honored to lead the club for the 2019/2020 Rotary Year, a year with a theme of “Rotary Connects the World”. This is indeed humbling and I truly hope you all will continue to volunteer your time, skills and resources to impact the communities in a sustainable way. In so doing, I can’t stress enough the importance of working together with other clubs and districts for bigger impact and truly connect. Let’s work together and let’s have fun!”

One of the projects close to Kgabo’s heart is the eradication of ”pit latrines” in schools. “I will start in rural Limpopo, at my previous primary school and ensure we restore dignity to those learners”.

Recognition was given to Shirley for “being the inspiration”. DGE Annemarie Mostert received the William G Gang international medallion for Excellence for Civilians, from Col (Retired) Rotarian and PAG Prof Gawie Lotter and past chairperson of SAVIMA for her dedication to Rotary.  This award was bestowed to her by the SAMIVA, linked to the USA Military Academy as well as the Rotary Club of West Point whose members are mainly military veterans and academics.