Even when you can’t hold training meetings in person, members can still develop new skills and knowledge by taking courses online. Rotary’s Learning Center offers courses on everything from managing training sessions and mentoring to leading change and dealing with conflict. See the course catalog on My Rotary, which includes links to each course.

Rotarians can learn basic information through the Learning Center courses, then attend more in-depth webinars or online meetings to generate ideas together, make action plans, and even organize community projects.

Courses are available in 20 languages, including Mandarin (listed under “traditional Chinese”), Swedish, Thai, and several Eastern European languages.

To gauge members’ online learning, district leaders can get Learning Center reports for their districts. They’ll first need to complete the Access to Learning Center Reports course. Rotary staff will then set up automatic weekly emails with the reports for them.

The following district leaders have been enrolled in that course and can receive reports after they complete it:

    District governors-elect
    Current and incoming district trainers
    District membership chairs
    District Rotary Foundation chairs

For district leaders that get these emailed reports, we will soon start sending two reports: one about the courses members have taken and the other about their learning plans.

Also be sure to register for the webinar Optimizing Rotary’s Learning Center, 21 April, 14:00-15:00 Chicago time (UTC-5). You’ll find out how you can use the social learning features available in Learning Topics to continue engaging members online.

You can also register for the Connect With the (Online) Rotary World webinar, 28 April, 15:00-15:45 Chicago time (UTC-5) to hear from Rotarians who are leading their clubs and districts in connecting with each other online.  

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