01 April 2021 - April has arrived! It’s not only the final quarter of my term of service as your District Governor, but also the month in which our District will host the all-Africa Centennial District Conference. Ground-breaking initiatives take courage. Thank you for the dedication and support of the many members working behind the scenes to support our conference objectives.
The centennial year will be a memorable one. It will unite Rotarians in Africa, celebrate, and honour the accomplishments of the last 100 years. The past successes laid a solid foundation for the next centenary, moving Rotary in Africa forward and upward in the next 100 years. We are all fortunate to be here on this centennial year. None of us is likely to be around for the Bicentennial celebration, and so let’s all heartily celebrate the Centennial available to us!
I know all our members in the district will buy a $20 single entry ticket and join us for the two-day conference. Those who will be getting together in one place, remember each of you in the group should have your own ticket. We made the price affordable for each to participate – perhaps you can pay this forward and invite a non-Rotarian friend or share with your Rotaract member of Interact parent - this is in line with the spirit of Rotary. I thank those clubs and company’s showcasing their partnerships, community service work, history and stories at the House of Friendship.

It’s a historic moment, we will leave a legacy and you are part of it!

In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “May God find you as His Partner”. Special wishes to our members, our families and our friends, who observe the different religious festivals of special importance during this time. May you find peace, love and joy in your celebrations.

Read more in the District 9400 DG Newsletter April 2021 Issue

The "Serve to Change LIves" 2021/2022 New Themed Merchandise will be coming soon! Keep an eye on our site https://bit.ly/3qvFJTe

Save the date for the Rotary Virtual Convention, 12 -16 June. The Rotary Virtual Convention will be open to all Rotary members and participants. Event registration will open in mid-April. Find out more: https://on.rotary.org/2PmJPQy

Are you ready for the Centennial Conference? It’s 100 years of Rotary in Africa, and we can think of 100 reasons why we could make this the biggest Rotary event in History! As we lead up to the Centennial Event in April, we want to present to you:

AFRICA CENTENNIAL 100 CHALLENGE - We’re asking you, as our rainmakers, to mobilise your networks at club level, and to extend this invitation to Interact, Rotaract, partners, colleagues and friends, to join us at the Rotary Africa Centennial Event this year. Work together with the other clubs in your region, to onboard 100 Guests from your areas of influence. This is also our District Conference, and it is an event not to be missed. In the past it was a challenge to bring all our members together in one of the beautiful countries of our District. This year you all have an opportunity to connect with thought leaders and to showcase your Club, our District, and Rotary in Africa to the World – we will not have this platform for another 100 years! Reaching into existing membership and potential membership bases and talking about the Africa Centennial, and inviting people to this world class online event is a wonderful conversation point. You have something generational to tell people about. Please embrace this special occasion and use it as a value proposition to retain existing members, and invite new ones – R 350 (for the 2 days).